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‘Some suggestion’… BBC presenter claims VAR may have missed a decision that could have cost Celtic yesterday

Celtic’s 3-1 win against St Johnstone came after a very lacklustre and nervy first half for Brendan Rodgers’ side.

They struggled to break down a dogged St Johnstone defence and also looked troubled when the Perth side took a little notion to attack Joe Hart’s goal.

Craig Levein’s sides endeavour was rewarded towards the end of the first half when St Johnstone bundled in the opener but BBC Sportsound presenter, Richard Gordon, has since admitted that VAR may have missed a decision that would have ruled the goal out.

Gordon said [BBC Sportsound], “Just coming back to the St. Johnstone goal, there is some suggesting that there might have been a handball that the replays have seen.

“I’m not sure they’re all together conclusively.

“The mere fact that nothing very much came out of it, nothing really much was made of it, that it would certainly, if there was a handball, that would suggest that it wasn’t clear and obvious.

“If VAR had got involved you’d be back into this whole scenario of the accusation that games are being rerefereed.”

To be fair, it was a difficult one to see in real time but when slowed down, you can see that the ball does connect with the St Johnstone player’s arm.

Callum Davidson brushes over VAR intervening for Celtic

What really surprised me was former St Johnstone manager, Callum Davidson’s opinion on VAR not intervening.

Davidson said, “I think sometimes as well when you start looking at every small minut detail, this is where we have this debate, I don’t want to start it again.

“So I think you’ve just got to let the referee’s referee the game and get the help when they need it.”

Celtic FC v Atletico Madrid: Group E - UEFA Champions League 2023/24
Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

What? Is that not EXACTLY what VAR is there for? Is that not it’s purpose? To catch players trying to get an advantage by doing something against the rules that the referee has missed?

Very strange comment from Davidson and a very strange decision for VAR not to pick the shirt pull up. They seem to spot many others in the game. It’s little wonder the technology infuriates Brendan Rodgers.

Had the goal cost Celtic three points, I’m sure there would have been more said about it but the three points were secured and Brendan Rodgers‘ side moves on.

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